Beautiful Soundscapes for
Focus, Relaxation and Sleep

The Soft Focus app helps you avoid distractions, find your flow and fall asleep faster.

What Our Users Say

“This is the one! My baby just wouldn't sleep, I downloaded this app in desperation and it worked like a charm. Thank you!”

Louise, London

“Working in an open office, I find it really hard to concentrate. Not anymore. With headphones and Soft Focus my productivity has skyrocketed.”

Tom, San Francisco

“Just brilliant, this app has improved the quality of my sleep forever. I'd recommend it happily.”

Lucy, London

Create your headspace

Working at the office, relaxing on the sofa, studying at school.

Perfect For Work, Rest & Play

Constellations of Sound

The Soft Focus night sky is filled with brightly glowing stars that each represent a sound. Combine sounds into constellations and create your perfect soundscape.

Explore the Galaxy

Hundreds of hours of music, nature sounds, lullabies, ambiences and more. So if your vibe is classical piano, lofi hiphop, the gentle pitter-patter of rain or the ambient sounds of a coffee shop, we’ve got you covered.

Evolving Soundscapes

Even the most beautiful music can get repetitive after a while. That’s why constellations in Soft Focus evolve over time. Mixing different sounds together with gently adapting promincence creates never-ending variations which keeps things fresh.

Tools for Focus

Your phone is a brilliant tool, but it can also be a huge distraction.
The Soft Focus Pomodoro timer helps you put down your phone, find a state of flow, and get work done.

Wake-Up Happier

Sleep timers help you driftaway to the land of nod effortlessly, and alarms wake you gently - a recipe for a more relaxing, restful sleep and a happier tomorrow.

Isochronic & Binaural Tones

An an emerging form of soundwave therapy designed to activate specific systems within the brain which can reduce stress and anxiety, or boost focus, motivation and confidence. Its fans liken the effects to meditation.

Explore the Galaxy

Thunderstorms, rain, lo-fi hiphop, coffee-shop, library, drones, synthwave, lullabies, tibetan bowls, spa sounds and thousands more.